Back in 2006 this site was created by a bunch of collectors who truly enjoyed the good things about the hobby. Sick pulls, trading, sending freebies to new collectors, and just the camaraderie that comes with collecting. For a few years, it was A LOT of fun. But then we lost a lot of members. A lot of decisions had to be made about some of the original members that were tough. And being on the admin side of things was never easy. We wanted to keep it fun but also wanted to keep it safe for everyone. Along with those decisions came time. People growing out of the hobby (myself included) and it became harder and harder to keep this site growing.
I let the forum stay up because there was still little traffic here and there and it didn't hurt much to keep it online. But knowing that I don't have the time to even update anything led me to this decision.
Thank you all so much for coming and being a part of this little community. It defined my collecting years for sure and I met some real great people out there. I'll be saving the site offline, so who knows...maybe it will make a comeback at some point. But again...thank you!
Aka 'deekin'