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eBay seller/buyer exchange

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 5:59 am    Post subject: eBay seller/buyer exchange Reply with quote

A little bit of a read.. maybe nobody will read it at all but.. names have been changed, but i'm quite sure the other party is a member here

Potential Buyer: How much to end this now and do you have any other 03-04 ud exquisite stuff available? Thanks, XXXXX
Seller: Honestly, I don't know it's value. But, this is the only 03-04 Exquisite card I have.

PB: I have a recored of the sale price. I'll send it when i get home. I think it was $50 ish.
S: Wow, I would've thought a little more. A Duncan just sold for $390

PB: Naw. That was the first duncan in 5 years. Payton's are on 5-6 times a year
S: Oh wow. Well, I think I'll just let the auction play out and see what happens

PB: Came on. This is the only set i collect. Shoot me a price of some sort.
PB: I ll give you $60 delivered for it. That s more than one has ever sold for. Let me know.
S: Thanks for the offer, I will consider it
PB: Ok. Please let me know asap as i have a other offers on the table.

PB: Any word on this? I am really to pass immediately.
S: I m going to let the auction finish, thanks

PB: Come on man. Help me oit here for the set im working on.
S: You can bid on the auction. If it's worth what you say, you should be able to get it for less than your $60 offer.
PB: I'd much rather not chance it. Id even make it a smooth $75 delivered so we can get this done right now. I can pay immediately. If not I'll just have to pass on principle. Thanx and good luck bud.
S: I'm going to let the auction finish. Thanks for the offer

PB: So so so dissapointing when i need 7 cards and a fellow collector wont even help me out. Im such at a loss for words. What's the point of even helping one another anymore. Either way, best of luck and I hope someone worthwhile wins it.
S: It's nothing personal. We don't know each other. We've never dealt before. You can either bid or wait for the next one to pop up.

PB: My last comment may have come out a bit pompous but it still doesn't change the fact that you can help me finish a massive set and won't. I'm not mad at you trying to get more money but there are things that supersede even money. Like i mentioned though, best of luck with the sale and maybe we can work something in the future. Goodluck friend.
S: I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm happy when collectors help collectors--it's few and far between these days, but the fact remains that I don't know you and you don't know me. You can't be mad that I won't accept your offer to end the auction early. The only reason I am selling this is because a tractor trailer truck hit my car and I have to come up with a deductible and pay for a rental car. Expensive things when you have 2 kids under 2 years old and you are already living paycheck to paycheck. You are still more than welcome to bid on the card. You said that the card is worth around $50, so you could very easily snipe the auction for your offer of $75 and win the card. Or you say these pop up every two months or so so it wouldn't be that difficult to find a different one if you decide not to bid.

PB: It's no problem man. When your down to less than 10% cards needed for a set, you tend to say and do what you do. Just saw another GP with a mispelled name get $126.xx so maybe you'll get even more than before. As i said, i wont be bidding on principle but best of luck with this sale and your others.

I didn't respond to the last message because I probably would've said something rude. Knowingly offering significantly less than a misspelled listing and getting mad when it isn't accepted? Saying they won't bid on the item due to principle? Is that the principle of trying to take advantage of someone? I didn't know that being douchey was a side effect of being close to finishing a set? Needless to say I'm glad I didn't accept his offers as the card ended up selling for $190.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 9:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

some people are just the worst! Never experienced this on eBay and I hope I never do.
Collecting Toni Kukoc. Let me know what you have.

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