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My "The National 2018 Cleveland" Recap

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Age: 34
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Location: Langenfeld, Germany

PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:38 am    Post subject: My "The National 2018 Cleveland" Recap Reply with quote

Part 1

And another one……

" I will write some things for you and i will let y'all know exactly how a Kiki would respond from his collectors point of view"

I am not sure if you have read my first National Thread about my very first Trip last year in Chicago – if you have not, please make sure to read it at first – take a look here:


Since Chicago was so much fun and joy to me, it was kinda clear that it wasn´t my last “The National” Show.
Helge, who I made that trip with last year with, and I wanted to go again and we have made plans about it, booked flights and Hotels already months ago!

Luckily (I guess even with a little bit of that energy of my previous recap) 2 other guys wanted to go with us too!
2 great friends and collectors…one is Daniele aka Dondaniele / king James collector…the other one is my best BFF Filippo di Dio aka Pipo or how I call him …Pip`hoe….
So, since we all come from different parts of Germany we have talked about where to fly with and how and blablabla..in the end we let our guy Helge taking care of the Flight and Hotel bookings aaaaaand, yeah – the Flights (with s) were ok. Smile

Tuesday, 07/31/2018

We started in Frankfurt, which is atleast about 200 miles away from all of us.
After some quick work in my Hotel from 6 to 8 am I started my trip!
Need ed to take 2 trains to get to Frankfurt and Been there like 4 hours before our first flight starts because I do not like the rush and and I like it more chill – so I travelled alone to Frankfurt with the train.
Pipo and Helge came with a train too, coming from Stuttgart, but they arrived like 30 Minutes before the boarding Very Happy …but its all good.
At first we 3 travelled from Frankfurt to Brussels, Belgium with Lufthansa …a very nice 40 minutes flight in the morning.

In Brussels we needed to pick up our baggage and make a new check in for the next 2 flights .. we had a time span of exactly 2 hours for that which I have to admit was kinda short, but oh well.

At least we same some basketballcourt-trashcans:

We made it finally and flew with WOW Air to Rejkjavik, Island (by the way- WOW is a Islandish Airline). Its ok, but it belongs to those “cheap airlines” – we were not able to sit together on that flight to Rejkjavik , we were all mixed up.

WOW is all purple everything, by the way !

Then, we landed in Rejkjavik – we had a 1 hour Stop there, but since our baggage is transferring airplaned anyways we just needed to go from A to B.
The nice thing was, Helge, Pip´hoe and me booked our flights early….Daniele decided last minute that he wants to go too- so he booked him a similar flight and made sure to wait like 6 hours in Island to take the same flight with us to Cleveland!
Now, this Cleveland flight took longer…I have actually no idea if we have flight 6, 7, 8, 9 hours…no idea....but something like that …the bad thing again was the issue, that we were all mixed up with no way to go!
I am always well connected with my seat neighbours and kinda trash talk a lot sometimes…Helge and Pipo were lost, but Daniele and I had 2 seats at the hallway so daniele asked that guy on the opposite seat if it would be cool to switch seats with me and he agreed …that’s when Don Danile and I came together for a good company!

Usually if I am flying to the US, there is always a TV screen on every seat with all varieties of movies, music, games and so on…usually everyone gets 2 meals and drinks how much you like …(had 5 US flight before with Lufthansa and Air France) ……BUT, this time:
No screens, no music, no drinks, no meals…like nothing – of course they had a menu but it was very expensive, but it did not hold Daniele and me away to have some fun Very Happy

We were talking a lot about trading cards and trading cards and a little bit about trading cards too…I guess that lady which was sitting left sided from danioele was kinda F+cked up …I guess we were annoying to her since she made like sounds like breating out to let us know we were to loud!
Lu7ckily id did not cared Very Happy
I was happy to enjoy the flight with Daniele ….and I was kinda happy , since there was a baby sitting right behind that lady and that baby started to cry like crazy and it has been very loud – did not heard any “sound” by the lady anymore….meanwhile we stood up and walked over to Helge for a quick chat with our beer cans …you know, we were living the big life Smile

Time passed by and we have finally landed in CLEVELAND just around midnight local time!

We checked in in the Sheraton Airport Hotel which was very nice!
Pipo and I went into 1 room and Helge and Daniele in the other one!

Our room:

And our room keys!!!



@Reza..is THAt yours ??

Sooo cool to take trading card pics for those keys Smile

Wednesday, 08/01/2018

Lets get it started ! So the first Show day started at 16 o clock, so we still had a lot of time left!

First pic of the day…call it a gang!!

Since we all wake up early we decided to get us an UBER and to go to the nearest Shopping Mall for some pre National shopping!
It was Pipos very first time that he is in the US and I have trash talked him all the time that he will go crazy if he is going shopping.
Like everything is better and cheaper like we have in Europe. Even with brands like Adidas (which is German) – I mean we have a lot of that, but like every sports store (and there are like 5 or 6 in every mall) is loaded with sick stuff..

I will let some pictures do the talking.

A pic with a dinosaur….

Pip´hoe and me with some fresh frames…

And there has been even a memorabilia store!

Picked up my first box of cards for 4.99. and STILL have not opened it yet Smile

Look at that FIRE CAR !!!

After some great shopping we decided to go at the Burger Restaurant “Louie! next Door to get some food served!

Danieles Pooh Bear ..similar to my Tippy Bear (you might rerember of last year)

So back to the Hotel I got show ready with my backpack

And finally…around 3 pm..our Uber Driver Mike drove us to the show !!!

Here we are….

At first I have received my Badge at the entrance! Luckily I have received a Westbrook card inside with a McDonalds logo at the back!

I bought myself a VIP package for the whole show with a lot of small additions….like card sets by TOPPS, UD and Leaf

Very cool !
I have also enjoyed that SMR Magazine by PSA…great read with great input about cards …especially with Baseball and it has kinda influenced me in the further days……

Since we are not cleared to go in already we were waiting at the entrance and I KNEW I was going to meet these 2 there again!!
Matt aka OZ celtics aka Antoine Walker Suppercollector and Matt aka Scottie Pippen Supercollector !
We have enjoyed their company already last year in Chicago and sooo nice to see them again!

Too bad its blurry and sideways :-/

You might remember that I only had 15 cards with me last year …the stuff I called : weapons or ammunitions…. Stuff I might trade and give away for cards I like more…well, this time I took again cards with me and luckily it has been a small box full of cards. Not sure how many exactly but its been a couple . Took again some PC cards with me which carry a bigger value but of course, if there is something that I might like more ALMOST everything is available…we just need to get on that same language line 😉
Last year I was looking for my Dream card of Kobe – and actually I saw it there ! I Tried to get it but Brandon 8Hardcourt Heroes) wasn’t about to part with it …luckily I have received it 3 months later at Kobe Bryants Jersey Retirement in Los Angeles (might drop a recap about that thing too)
…well, I have received my most wanted card already, that’s why I came to Cleveland this time chilled as F?ck !
I am open to every nice card that I might like and there nothing that I am really looking for in general…just being there and being open for every scenario was the thing!
Most of you also might know my twinbrother Ivan Beslic aka the second part pof croatiantwins aka The Antoine Walker Supercollector aka @**** (Instagram) he is a well known artist who paints commissioned pictures guys like for Spike Lee (already 4 done), Wu Tang Clan … and took Rick Ross to Court (google it Very Happy). and even some members (like mgobluematt) here bought Original artworks from him already – please check him out here : www.ivanbeslic.com

Anyways- he gave me some of his stickers and prints to give out to chosen ones and I guess I have delivered …some of those stickers

4 o clock….we are in!

Since Helge knows a lot of those Blowout guys we were heading at first to the big Blowout Booth right in the middle …it was so cool to meet Buffy again!
Helge introduced me to him already last year in Chicago and he is kinda an expert for cards and their conditions – we had a small chat and great guy !!

BUT why sooo blurry !! Sad

He mentioned there is a Kobe Showcase Box at the other side of their booth which I should check…he knows I am into Kobe ….

This was loaded like crazy !! without any words and for sure that first WOW of the show!
I did not bought any of em but the prices were very good!

Me and Helge had plans to get some cards graded from the start …he went to BGS and I went to PSA …I was there right at the beginning and at first I needed to fill up a submission form on the computer! But I could not manage it somehow – since the pc had some problems too .
I decided to quit for the moment and come back to it later !

On my walk to PSA I saw already sign of some guys I wanted to visit for sure – since they were located just next to the PSA booth THIS has been my first direction to go!

I went straight to:

Card Hobby Official!

…awesome guys!! Malicious Martell saw me and greeted me from the first sight! Here they are:

They had some crazy cards at their showcase and some crazy cards were shown…

I have been on my feet the whole day and did not drink anything that day…but THEN !! they have offered me WATEr and I was sooo thankfull for that WATER !! best water of the whole day!!

They had awesome cards at their booth so I gave them my box too and MAYBE they might see something that they like ….had some cards which caused interest but somehow they went crazy about my Johnny Depp signature

This one…

They wanted to buy it and the first deal of the National has been made !
Quick, easy and done …to be that Depp is gone but its okay…I will look for other cards ….Smile

The booth got crowded… Warren is peeking

And suddently THIS pic happenend…with Matt, Joe and dem boys……collectors, they are like EVERYWHERE !
They are coming together within seconds and they are just everywhere !!

So Daniele was in there too and he has been overhelmed by EVERYTHING that was going on there …just like I have been last year in Chicago..but that’s ok.
He is a National Rookie and I am a senior there so I have been more child 😊

I have seen MARC aka wegotstock !...also a well known guy which I know since like 8 years through the boards and since 1 year personally …so if you are meting a guy like him ….show him your cards…he will show you his cards…and after you are done being amazed by his cards you can trade !

We have done a very quick and easy deal here ! picked up a very nice 03 ud exquisite scripted swatches auto of Patrick ewing /25!!

Very easy and always a pleasure to deal with …should not be the last one here……

So I was walking around again and FINALLY came to PSA again!!
Now I did it and submitted 2 cards ! 2 autographs with MJ on it and I choosed that 2 hour service – the bad thing was, that it has been already 7 pm so I was fine to come back next day in the morning !

After struugling around I stopped at a booth with a nice star auto showcased !
Y´all remember that I do not have my Johhny Depp auto anymore, right??
Well-…depp is gone….so I just went straight for that 007 Goldeneye PIERCE BROSNAN !!!





It was about that time and we were about to leave ….hanging a little bit outside with…

Niten and malicious martell

…and matt daniele and pipo ….

A shuttle drove us back to our Sheraton Hotel and I was able to make that beautifull pic right here …


Most of the guys wanted to get together for a dinner and all that , but we just connected with Matt and Matt from Australia that evening so we had a small circle dinner at the Sheraton Restaurant .

It was ok- but somehow too expensive and we had not been very satisfied in the end…still, e cashed out big time

On the way to th elevator and to our rooms we have been stopped by Matt Buckeley aka Chris Webber suppercollector aka mgobluematt and he invited us for some drinks but unfortunately we have been to tired so had to pass….while I was going on I heard “Kiki” and a guy came to me !

I did not knew him personally before but it was Reza aka blackmambaexquisite !
We had a nice chat and he crashed us with some crazy ben simmons cards..like for real…as if mike Tyson is giving you straight punches….Oh…a exquisite auto /99…oh…another one…oh a NT rc /25…oh…a NT rc /5..and so on…STRAIGHt Punchlines !
This is when this pic happened

The last one for that day…..

Thursday, 08/02/2018

Sooo…no shopping mall….no nothing…just the first Full National day !

At first I let Helge picture me superfly at the entrance

While I was at the entrance Legitcards and mattsbballcards saw me (Instagram names) and I knew them from last year! Young collectors with crazy collections!
They were sitting at the floor so I chilled with them too …there was a crazy trade going on about a kobe black prizm auto patch 1/1 (LIKE WTF !! :-O) and I enjoyed to witness those tradetalking…that’s when this pic happened…

So it was 10 o clock and I have been struggling around like always when I heard “kiki” … there was this guy who knew me !
So I asked who he was and I have to admit that I did not knew him as a collector…his name is “”thosebackpages” and he mentioned that he was that guy that bumped my Chicago recap up when that National started and ….THANK YOU FOR THAT!!
Very cool and great guy and a pleasure to meet you Eric Wink
…our pic …

Since I had something to finish early in the morning I went to PSA to pick up my 2 cards! And when I arrived there they had them ready!

I have been sooo happy when I was able to pick em up…openened the box…and ……

I did not understanded it ….

I just did not understanded it …a card I gave up with a expectation of a 9 came back as a 6 grade and it literally shocked me !
I did not understood why, since the edges are sharp and the corners and everything..no scrath on both sides…like nothing …so I could not understand WHY…..i showed it to other collectors too and nobody could understand that grade – of course they will know exactly why it’s a 6 but there is like no flaw visible at all that’s why I have been disappointed :-/

The other card has been a nice one too and This one has not been graded at all…so again, I have been shocked !
I gave up 2 cards and on both something has been wrong …this time it has been written as AUTHENTIC !

I asked myself why they did not graded that one…why authentic, so I just went to PSa and I had questions !!°
The Lady on the desk was very nice and she has not been able to tell me exactly why that psa 6 is a psa 67 , but that’s ok, since she is not grading them…BUT, the took that Authentic graded one to check inside with the graders and she came back and told me:_
Cards of that set are trimmed…its not like fake trimmed but trimmed by the production so one side is shorter or some like that – that’s why they are not grading those and only marking them as Authentic… which is fine to me when she explained it…

Well…that “Authentic” one is this one :

Aaand that PSA 6 one is …

It looks crisp and bold and everything … and I still do not understand why it’s a 6 …. Someone mentioned it might be because of the colour …its not very white, its like crème ..which looks like nice and I know there are some MJ autos in that area which are crème colourish too…but somehow this MIGHT be the only thing here despite the auto being bold blue…

Since I have that same card of Kobe of that set same I put the together AND that kobe is pure white and that MJ is crème !!

The grade made me uncomfortable since I still did not understood whats going on so I breaked it out to make more pics with my kobe Wink


So it is visble that they have different front colours, that crème looks nice to see that MJ and somehow it fits too…now I have checked some other pics and I found a PSA 10 by eric aka buynicecards WHICH HAS A crème colour too…but PSA 10..

So same colour as a 10 but mine with a 6 – that colour thing might be a issue but I kinda doubt that….well that issue cracked me up the whole time during the show ….

But anyways, back to Cleveland…..

So I just went off the PSA booth while a guy shouted to me:

“you lost something”

……I checked my stuff I I KNEW that I have not lost anything !

So again he told me …

“Yeah…you lost something”

And he had a card in his hand which he showed into my direction!

When I saw that it’s a Antoine Walker card I knew that he knows me !

So of course, he knows that I am croatiantwins and that we are about kobe and ANTOINE WALKER and he wanted to give me that card that I have lost as a gift!...which is like crazy….
By the way- this guy is Alex aka lstr90sbuyselltrade and he is so down to earth …his collection is stunning and what a pleasure meeting him there too!

We wanted to sit down so we sit at a corner at the upper deck trade booth – the cards he had were amazing..great stuff like that …

Some crazy 90s masterpieces and he had cards that I liked-…unfortunately his cards were to sick to being traded quick which I understood, that’s why we have tried, but its aight that it did not worked out!

Chilled out guy and Pipo and me enjoyed his company for sure !

By the way…the card I have “lost” is this one !!!

Thank you sooo much Alex! Highly appreciate it!

Meanwhile the UD guys needed their space for something (no idea what) so we needed to go away…but there still was a guy which got him one of those Monumental boxes !!

Those are filled with crazy memorabilia pieces by cards like MJ, Tigfer, Simmons, Gretzky and so on…I thought about getting myself one of those too…but naaaah …would take too much space in my baggage if I should get a ball or some like that.

Here and there I was seeing on of DEM GUYs….guys I knoew already since Chicago…and my brother gave me the Mission to give out some “I Love this Game” artprints to som I am well connected with …I had only a couple ones and gave them away eary, so if YOU did not received one – I am sorry!...but next time !! 😊
Beckett Supercollectors of January 2007 (Kobe Bryant & Antoine Walker) &
Beckett Supercollectors of May 2010 (Antoine Walker)

instagram: croatiantwins


Kobe & Walker Collections / LONG TIME NOT UPDATED !
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Age: 34
Joined: 16 Nov 2006
Posts: 1489
Topics: 126
Feedback Score: 26
Location: Langenfeld, Germany

PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part 2

Some guys were

Joe aka sp authentic 84 …….he is real as f?ck and is into Rap and is one of those real ones!
Duke guy and he got one

Aswell as my brothers Walker Supercollector Enemy and Friend Matt, straight outta Australia !! (I know I mentioned it before, but oh well)

While walking around I have been a lucky guy to meet Mr. GRANT SLAYTON…he was walking around…I was walking around…so we snapped a quick pic while still walking …

And I was heading straight to the booth of G Money aka Gerald aka Windycitysportscards ….many collectors were there and he was loaded with crazy stuff as always…like with the real crazy stuff…

While chilling there I ve made a blurry pic of Gerald, marc, warren and daniele

Before I made a pic of mark, joe, Joshua, martinez

And a pic of Gerald alone

His showcase

Now look at this picture…awesome right…you see the National action going on at its best….

But look closely

Matt and Matt are photobombing that pic !!! Like WTF !!!!

This booth has been sooo crazy loaded !! Martinez aka rodmanpc had the idea to make a pic of us, that’s when this one has been dropped on Instagram….

Meanwhile Grant joined the party too and we checked our cards…he had a crazy german one that he just picked up!

And he had another one that I reeeeally liked !! its from my favourit set EVER!
I have it already but I saw that it has another floor colour like mine- after seconds a new deal has been domne and I am the proud owner of this beauty !!

2000-01 ud hardcourt auto floor parallel karl Malone /32

And both of them together !

Grant mentioned too that he has something for me ! I was curious what it might be and he pulled out a HODDY !!!

A hoody of his Bar – that was a crazy surprise Grant and I appreciate it sooo much !!

So we made this pic!

And for you that it fits like perfect!

Me rocking that thang !!

I appreciate it so much Grant Smile

Of course like everyone was there ! so there was a boy who just said “kiki” …and when I saw him I said “Spencer” !!

I remember meeting Spencer at Jimmys tradenight last year in Chicago, we had a deal and we made a picture together …now he mentioned that he just saw our pic on that day from last year and now I am standing there again…DESTINY got us together Spencer !! Very Happy

Kiki spencer

And he is holding his phone with our pic from last year !

So, while chilling here and ther I got in Touch with Marc again…Marc aka wegotstock99…guy is chilled AF and down for whatever – I sit down with him again and talked if we can tradesomething …he liked some of mine PC cards, which are not available YET (I am sorry ) ..but maybe next year !

So we worked on a quick deal that gave HIM these 2 …

For a little bit of cashflow ……

That’s us again !

So, I just wanted to put myself in a new situation …as my “weapons” I got some cards with like all kinds of value …but now I got some cashflow with it too …so I walked around like KING KONG !
No matter what I would like at the NATIONAL, I can get it !! (ok, not really, but I have a shot for a couple of nice ones)…..well….
Then shorthly after I connected with Lionel!!
I had some nice talks with him and ROARGAN last year and this time we did too – we made a small deal cashflowise where I sold a card and very smooth as always …..

Our pic:

And you know what !!
I got lost that day !!

My “Friend” Pip´hoe was with with me, we did a break at the food corner and the nice lady, that served us beer cans of 9$ a piece cold me sweetheart after I gave her many bucks as a tip (all about connections) …well, while being Mr. Sweetheart I was chilling and told Piphoe to be at the spot and that time but that M’*&%$FU&%$& did not arrived …..the interesting thing is :
Before that, Pipo and I went to Blowoutcards to get us that Goldenticket thing for 100$ a piece with a chance to get a free entrance to the VIP Party on Saturday ..we tried our luck but immediately got some nice prizes!
I have received a 2015 bowman baseball box
Pip´hoe received a Case of 2017 Longevity Baseball!1 A whole case , worth around 1k !!
The golden Ticket about that VIP Party will be choosen on Saturday but we already feld like winners, so thank you for that Blowoutcards !!
Back to the topic- …so pipo got that case and he had a bag in which he carried it, right.
When pipo went out to smoke, he left his back there (forgot it) and I needed to take it with me which should not be a problem…but I was struggling AF since I was walking with crutches !
Maybe I am Ill, maybe I am not Ill- roses are red and blueberry is delicious and if I am the whole day on my feet I need crutches unfortunately to stay on my fet cause the Struggle is real (in case you heard about Multiple Sclerosis…this is it)
Well- so I was struggling for like 2 hours with my backpack, crutches, case and everything when John came to me !!

John and dem boys were looking for me since hours and I was angry cause I was looking for them for hourse…

Well…John is the first guy I ve met last year in Chicago and we have met again in Cleveland and John is the guy from SCI Group Breaks…he is from Philly and he and his guys are just awesome !!
Truly have no words for them then AWESOME!
Well, john mentioned to me earlier that he wants ME to break a case of NOIR live for his channel and I was like :

“What, no way !! that would be awesome and what a honour !” … to break such a sick product live on cam! Never did a live break, video taped like that, so I knew I had to come strong on it!....

That John guy is literally crazy …he chills and sips drinks with ALLEN IVERSOn and is well connected with everybody ….i have met him accidently and he is a true one !
His guys are calling him “Hollywood” – because ..yeah….he is pure Showtime !!

So i agreed. To do that break …...white gloved…….shades switched……..cap downed .......and video taped to go for it!!
Pulled some crazy cards ….... picked the 76ers and hoped but barkley Nothing of those !!..., but oh well...pulled lonzo and donovans RAPs and i guess i did it aaaaight …especially, Jamison Long aswell as a few other watched my break and HE HAD Lakers and JAZZ so he got the best o fit !! Smile

Please make sure to follow them @scigroupbreaks

Thanks for having me " Hollywood" and i truly feel honoured and thankfull for such a cool live break!

While walking around I saw my guy Danielle !!
Daniele was about to meet NICK ULIANO, who is a huge MJ auto collectors, he is known for his sick collection !
He took a flight from NY to come to that meting …Nick and Daniele had a big deal going on and I am happy that they both made a great deal!
I knew Nick through our chats and I have to admit that this guy is crazy on a highly positive way! His cards made me look for real!!°

2 dunkn go nuts !!

And 3 of us!!

And that was about when that day ended….i wanted to go to that Tradenight, held by Ryan aka cardcollector 2 but I have been to tired to anything biw .
Helge and Daniele went to the casino that night with many other guys and Pipo and I went lay down for a lil bit and when we woke up around 10 pm we connected with ALEx again!
Alex aka late90sbuyselltrade …such a great guy, we wanted to eat something and we never did TACO BELL before, that’s why we asked him if he could take us to Taco Bell and he did!
We enjoyed a nice dinner meal and some great talks and I gotta admit it has been delicious!
Thanks for that Alex- pleasure meeting you !

Friday, 08/03/2018

Another day, and every day it gets better…started slow and getting bigger and more comfortable from day to day ….so the situation is this, that I still have my best “trade/pc” cards left and in addition some cashflow which I can add to a deal…..i am not just into buying cards- that would be too easy and doesn’t give me a lot of fun – I like the journey …that thing how you are able to get this by giving this and that – I like to trade and just everything is possible….soooo lets get it on!

Pipo entrance chilling…

On the first days I was struggling around here and there without any organization…this time Pips and I wanted to go row by row….

So we just started at the very first store at the beginning of th entrance !°
They had some baseball and football cards and not that much basketball that I liked, but they had a 2000 fleer brady auto which I was into…so I asked if a trade is possible…well, since I like to talk with guys we were mainly talking about everything and when he heard that we were coming from Germany that guy, Clint and his son Mike wanted to give me a football card of a german player!
Sooo nice ! – I do not know that player but I highly appreciate that gift!
Here is a pic of Clint giving me that card…..

Really cool guys and I ve enjoyed their company A LOT! ….
You know,I am kinda loaded with a lot of different stuff …I do also carry cards with me that a kinda different but which I party hard …the thing was:
They gave me that card as a gift and I could not let it be like that, so I gave them one of my personal cards of me and their joy and fun when they saw it has been awesome! That’s what I like, to share some cool moments …..
Now check this …my good friend ROARGAN sent me a pic the other day and I just said NO WAY !
I just thought WHY is Clint showing ROARGAN that card – they must have talked about me or some like that, cause Roargan made THIS pic of Clint holding my ex-card …(but he did not knew bout that before)

His Instagram is : absolutesportscards

Then I went on and I connected with Chris aka action_jack_cardz (Instagram)
Awesome guy with some crazy ones…I pulled out my cards to see whats possible but a trade did not matched out ….

It was still in the beginning and I just started walking around and checking every booth…..

But then , just next to Chris table …the was a booth, filled up with the sickest of the sickest sickest sickest…sickest stuff I have seen there ……. No words for that !

Those are the guys……

And when I saw THAT I literally pissed like everything!!
Kobe 1 / 1

Thats for sure the hottest card (for me) at the National !!!

He named a price and somehow I would be even able to come near that at the moment but I just thought that This onbe is TOO big for the moment …I mean it was the first time such a card has been offered to me, in person to purchase – but like said, I came chiiled with all possible directions and I just let that kobe be and stay there for now…if he still has it next year…we will see….

And the other cards were there too!

Quad !!

I could have pulled the trigger there already and we could have made a trade without any problems since they saw cards they wanted from me too …but I needed to put them on hold since some cards were likd by othrs before too and they still have not cleared for me- so I told them I will be back (and I am sorry I did not came back !!! :-/ …that kobe 1/1 just blow me away…)

Then after already pissing myself of everything flip and I made a girly-like bathroom selfie….

Ud supremes everywhere

Then we ve met with Daniele again and he just showed me a card je just picked up!!
I said: ARE YOU F´cking kidding me !!!

I have talked with him before and we talked about goal´s at the National, which cards he wants to find and all that …and I just mentioned, that a Logoman is still missing in his incredible pc…


Yeah, nuff said!!

One of the best pics that I ve made there

We did a break outside again ((you know, I would never go outside, but Pip´hoe) is spliffing those cigarettes like crazy so that I go with him all the time…

Helge was chilling there and picked up that crazy donkey Kobe world cup auto !!

…you know, that show had sooo ma y crazy highlights to me, I just wanted to have fun and enjoy the hobby…while checking all the rows, ther has been a nice lady at a lovely arranged booth and flip (by the way…pipo is Flip…real name is Filippo…I just call him different all the time) andf I started a talk with her and I saw some nice paintings and some crazy baseball cards (I am not into baseball)…but …yeah..

At first, that booth….

I was checking their cards and I saw this one !

I was reading that SMR magazine all the time (that’s has ben given to me at my first day) and this Mantle appeared like 6 times in it…and I kinda knew that this is THE SH?T !!!
Somehow I got interest in it, its like really damaged and all but it’s a old card, PSA 1 and that’s my language…if I am about to get me a card like that, it would be psa 1- do not really care about other grades- gotta appreciate that hobby on the lowest line …but well, this line here is kinda expensive Very Happy

So we had a nice talk and she said her husband is not here right now to see what we can do, but he should be there every second …..so we just waited for him!
Her husband is this guy by the way…..

Cardology aka Evan Mathis….

So he came, we introduced and we had a nice talk again …..

I liked that mantle a lot and we had a possible trade going on …card-cash wise…but somehow I still have not pulled that trigger !

I wanted to check later again, so it was still in the air …anyways, he and his wife are just awesome

I have checked the cards on the booth and there has been a PSA 1 Bo Jackson card of the 80s!

I asked for a price and that lady said its her husband favourit card that he pulled back then and even though its PSA 1 its not going anywhere !
I like that guy.—he collects with feeling and emotions and is appreciating cards LIKE THAT !!

So I have noticed there is a baseball card next to it…of a player named: Evan mathis:

So we started a dialogue:
Me: ….mmmh…are you Famous?
Evan: no
Me: mmmh ok…..meanwhile I saw a big ring next to him and thought…mmmh… IS that your ring?
Evan: Yes
Me: ….mmmmmmhhhh, ok…..whats that for?
Evan: oh, Super Bowl !!

I really had no idea who that guy is WHAT HE IS, but I liked him and we ended up with this pic…

ME, holding HIS card and he even gave me THAT RING to put it on my finger !!!!!!

That’s spooo crazy !
I highly appreciate everything Evan !!

So we went on and saw the coolest cards everywhere ….

There has been a lovely old lady and we saw a 1 $ box loaded with cards…….

Flip and i just searched for some cool ones…cool pics and everything and that lady was awesome – she told about her german visit many years ago

…and finally we decided to pick up like 10 cards or some like that …the coolest of the coolest ones…

I cashed here out big time…

And ended up with those:

Some cool cards and some cool dogs and polecatz cards….i am just a collector with love for dope cards and it that’s not dope I do not know what it is…you just witnessed the moment I started my dogs side collection!

So if you have read my Chicago recap Carefully, you have noticed that I had a booth which I called my “ Home aka Basement”
Well, I called it before Cleveland my basement too- BUT this is real:
That’s my 3rd day there and I JUST FOUND IT !!!!
I was searching for that like 3 days and just did not found them Very Happy
I am talking about the booth of the biggest guy there…

Justin aka alabamaslamma aka 610sportscards aka WashingtonDC´s Finest

Well- I found them now !!

First a quick pic with Justin….Eric !!! ( I have seen him everywhere here and there) and 401sportscards !!!

The reason I has been still hesitating on every bigger deal before was, that I wanted to check with Justin first…he has first takes and he is so chilled to trade with ……

…… i gave justin my box...


……Tippy watching…….

……..J still watching………

And you know what ! last year it took exactly under 1 minute to do a deal of just under 8 k in Chicago …at first one of us chooses cards, then the other one choose cards that are matching that amount somewhere and its sooo crazy, but we did it again!

Pulled a 15 deal down within a minute again without any discussion and everything!!
Second time in a row!

He had a wilt inkdible auto … I saw it on 3 tables before and that’s a card I really really wanted to get somehow- very appealing to me so it worked out here !

I have lost my MJ 1/1 buyback…my bron and another MJ auto ….

Next time we gotta make sure that somebody is taping it since those deals are being done toooo fast toooo furios !!!


Justin showing off…of course loaded with Ivans Stickers !!!

So I have ended up with:

04-05- ud sp authentic dual auto kobe -mj /25


And the funny thing is, last year I have received the Kobe-Bron version of that same set in a trade with Justin too-and it looks now like that …

@justin: …for next year….you know there is also a mj-bron dual of that set….just saying Wink

And of course the main card to me

Just sooo beautifull and iconic- strong blue ink, gold lables…just awesome !!!


Always wanted to own one and now I have one !

Many guys were around again- like always, that booth is loaded

Joe was there, so gotta support him with some stickers of my brother!

Matt of course too !!

Next to Justins booth there has been zach Guttermans booth too…one of the realest ones with a lot of knowledge about cards – chilled AF and we are talking the same language again!

We pulled a trade for some nice cards and here is our pic…

After that trade was done…we just have made another one !!!
I had many pc cards with me and Zach really liked my T-Mac Logoman auto and it would definitely go into a nice home so I ve just let it go to him – great guy !


And yeah…Joashua !!
Kingpennypc aka Joashua Johnson – awesome guy which is doing a lot for the hobby , I really like his “cardboard chronicles” collectors interviews that he is putting up on youtube – so interesting and I can highly recommend YOU to check them out too !! just awesome


Sam aka 401 sports cards, pipo and me

401 sports cards has been intervied by Joshua for “Cardboard Chronicles” before and he belongs to that newer young generation – he collects Jaylen Brown and I have to admit THAT HIS interview impressed me the most Of everyone!
Real talk with pure joy for cards and all and its just awesome – be sure to check that out!

Quick pic with Nick again !!

So we went outside…and rodmanpc aka Martinez, we were chilling with him like everywhere here and there and he is cool as F ! – he is from Honduras and such a great guy and we enjoyed everytime we had the opportunity to hang out with him !!

Him holding my DR.J-MJ dual…

He just met Rodman and showed us that pic !!

And of course i showed him my newly aquired dogs PC !! he liked it sooo much that he put that on INSTA !!

Helge showed us a Baseball jersey that he just picked up ( AGAIN …I am not into Baseball)
And I liked it so much that flips and I wanted to get us some nice J´s too !!

They also had awesome patches for pick up

It was still kinda early that day, but we germans decided to get back to the hotel and go downtown for a lunch …

While in the lobby, Helge showed off some cards of his Coccer Eminence Break…those are quit exepensive and he shared that case with Jamison Long !!
Crazy cards!!


So while we are talking about soccer couch at one couch …guess who is sitting next tous at the lobby too…Martinez mentioned him! (he came with us for some chill time to the Hotel) and luckily he did, otherwise I would have overlooked him cause I only had cards in my head !


Crazy !! he evenb asked us whe we are from and he liked to hear GERMANY!

So we went outside and waited outside at our uber…

Martinez chilling at the bench

Meanwhile I was looking at my cards !!


Martinez went back to the national and our Uber driver drove us downtown…

Since I cannot go home with only card pics, a pic like that has to be done too!


We just came for a lunch and needed to go, since we had more plans afterwards…we decided to NOT take a uber but to take a train…so we did our way

Since Daniele got that Lebron Logoman , pipo did that LBJ Pose too…

He is from the streets…so he is doing what he is doing ….

We went on..

That >Pose !!

Guys walking around….

Both doing it ….

We made it to that train…

But endep up at a station where we needed to get a new train …the struggle with that ticket machine was real !!

Nobody had coins and it was a coin only machine.

Dani still celebrating himself…

Pipo just struggling around

Sooo- after that trainride stopped out of nowhere, we neded to take a bus- its ben all messed up but
Beckett Supercollectors of January 2007 (Kobe Bryant & Antoine Walker) &
Beckett Supercollectors of May 2010 (Antoine Walker)

instagram: croatiantwins


Kobe & Walker Collections / LONG TIME NOT UPDATED !
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part 3

we made it somehow back to the hotel…

The thing was- John agao “Hollywood” invited us at a Houseparty at his friends house (eric Bartlett) and we were more then thankfull for that.
Like told before- John is the real Deal and is taking care of everybody….
Well- we just arrived at the Hotel and John, Grant, Chris and those guys wanted for us so we can go on!

We went into 2 cars- all mixed up…..

The funny thing was: that guy, named Grant drove us…I was sitting at the front with him
…in the back were pipo, chris and helge …and this guy, Grant, is just crazy !!!
Such an awesome crazy guy !!!
We were driving around and he just rapped ABOUT ME freestyle which has been just awesome !!
If you are following me on Instagram: there are videos of it, and that video bill be posted soon !!

Well…we arrived at Erics Home – he just moved in like 2 weeks ago and we went straight to his hobby room…

Box photo


They gave us drinks and welcomed us warmly…that has been just awesome !!

John aka “Hollywood !” ..the MAN !!

So we started …….

Count 1

Count 2

Count 3

That guy with the white shirt and basecap!...THATS GRANT !!!

Chris , pip , Helge

They had some delicious food at the grill and did I already said it has been awesome !

Meanwhile- that house has been loaded with card guys so Eric showed some boxes…

And cards…

Soccee triple

Thats a sick one !

Old bball cards

And the pic of the evening- our group of guys !

Cannot thank y´all enough for that evening!
We have fully enjoyed your great company and everything that was going down there !!

Saturday, 08/04/2018

The Sun is getting up early so am i…my last full National day !!

So …. My last full day is about to start…I have made some great trades so far and was still thinking about a couple scenarios….still have some cashflow left, still have cards left and decisions have to be made – something will happen for sure on that day but still I am open to verything – that’s why I still had all opportunities and all ways to go!

At first ……Quick pic at the entrance….

While we were about to go in, I just heard a “Heeeey”

I turned around…and it has been TODD !!!

Now let me take you back to :

August 4th, 2017...it was a hot and humid day in Chicago .... i have attended @kentuckybasketballcardst radenight at the Hilton Hotel after the @nsccshow and after the afterparty at the bar with dem guys i was about to leave the building..... i have been stopped by a guy ....he introduced himself as Todd (and with his shirt it was visible that he belongs to @psacard ) So Todd aka @talesfromtheaflsaw (Instagram) saw Helge and me earlier that day at the PSA booth while submitting some cards and somehow we left a positive vibe to him wearing our #beautyandthebeast & #frozen bagpacks and he just wanted to let us know that Smile ...

Ok..now you know where I have met Todd ! our first meting did not lasted 1 minute, just a quick talk while going out….

Now... exactly 1 year later !!. ...August 4th, 2018....it was a nice day in Cleveland... i was about to enter the I-X Center while i have been stopped ….here is a pic…

Its been so nice to see him and what a great start to start that day – he told me to come to his PSA booth later and I will be there later for sure !!

Well as I moved on …there was a guy that looked so familiar to me ….i could not help me and I asked him who he is !!
As I started speaking he recognized me (and I think he even remember my Kiki name)
Well….lets take you AGAIN back ..this time I am not in Chicago, but I was in Los Angeles ….its been 20th, December 2017.
2 days before I ve attended Kobe Bryant Jersey Retirement Ceremony and on my last day, my friends Eric, the pinoymamba, , Nick wanted to take me to a cardshop …they took me to:

LA Bull Pen

Well, while we have been there we had a hellavu time …Prizm just came out, we did many breaks and had great talks with Mitch , the owner…

That’s when this pic has been made

Los Angeles

By the way: I am pretty sure that I will write up a recap about that los Angeles trip too. I have picked up my dream card at kobe bryants ceremony….that thing started already in Chicago …and still had influence on that Cleveland show (you will read it in a couple of minutes….)
So I am doing it the STAR WARS way – with episode 1 coming after like the 37th part and all that – a lot to be posted there too- but back to Cleveland !

….so that guy, MITCH, he was walking around so we have met again…it’s a small world !!

That day started with sooo much positive energy….but …just look ….

I came to Mr. Ross Behrmanns Table …Ross aka Donovan Mitchell Supercollector aka one of the realest ones !

Such a great guy and we made a great pic with Ross, Jose, Dennis…… at his table …..even Zach has been there too !!

I even cleaned up his showcase glass !!

…and the pleasure was mine !

So while we was talking about the Life, Ross mentioned that Roargan aka Robert aka Rob´baband´bert is with them all the time ….but he is gone now !
He wanted to com back like every moment and indeed, I was searching for Roargan the whole show…

I knew he is there …like a rat under that bed …,you know its there …but you do not know WHERE !!
Contacting him on social media would be too easy – so I was on the hunt for him!
And suddenly he joined the party….
You know- that you Roargan, I have met him last year in Chicago…he impressed me from the start with him being him and great cards that made me look ! Those cards have not been like super high ends…but super rare ones from very cool players …
His Instagram page is TOP 2 to me and every post he makes is like deep…really deep……
Well……so he came and its been a pleasure again !!
From the start he told me : I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU !!!


I looked like he was on the hunt for me too – like again, we did not chatted on thesedays but we both knew we are both there so its all about that surprise !!

But at first – did you know that he worked for the Denver Nuggets before ?
And did you know there are cards with him on the background?
Like for example…..

This james posey……

…or this andre miller jersey……

So…at first I gave him a glove…….

…then he has prepared STUFF for me !!
I am rocking my Reebok Classics like 24/7 …. Did not knew what was going on, but he gave me a BRAND NEW PAIR of Reebok Classics in my size …like ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?
That’s so crazy !
…but highly appreciate that gift too- he kinda knows me and sees what I need the most !

I have felt like Christmas here …in addition he gave me a Ray Allen signed Ball !!


And that card that I have in my hand!!!

The Value doesn’t matter here…. The thing that he ruined the card by writing stuff on it destroys that cashflow side of it totally…BUT lifts that card to a incredible height collectors wise…..

So… my name is Kiki, ok.

That Drake song – with the Kiki, do you love me “ lyrics is aaaaall over everywhere…….

…..in Chicago last year I was searching for my dream card- the card I like the most !! I ve picked it up in Los Angeles about 4 months later ……and 8 months later, Robert gace me this card and he knows what this card means to me !
My favourit kobe card ….my favourit set …and he put a “kiki do you love me” on it, which is even a question you could only put on a card like that for me !!

Had like goose bumps when I saw that card like that …cause THAT’S JUST DEEP !!!!

No words for that ….just no words…that’s why I appreciate Rob so much, for stuff like that – looking out and taking care and he killed it literally with this move !!

But at first again….he gave me that ball

And I am wearing his sneakers !!

But you know…I have not slept either!
I made nice pic last year ..of him, holding his Posey card ……..
Then I let Topps print out that pic as a card …
And Voila !!
So I had that customized card that I wanted to give him and he has been surprised when he saw it !
(there is a video of the moment I gave it to him, involving Ross, that will be posted on Instagram soon)
I had 2 of those with me …..i wanted 1 of them for him..and the other one with a signature of him for me !!
And that’s the one !

By the way…he is a member of Bayern Munich now……

And that’s his card collection now !

And I got one of my cards with me too – I thought it would be cool if I give him one exclusive one too…so I gave up this one ! …Limited to only 4 worldwide Very Happy

But he needed it signed- so I delivered….

Now… I guess the following pic is the strongest that I did on the whole show…its like Matrix style…another world style …it’s a pic in pic in pic with white gloves and everything!
Please look at those details! …mind blowing !!!

Since I came in I had fun meetings with todd, mitch, ross, and Robert but its only been 10:am !!!
I am not really doing planned meetings and have my mobile phone offline all the time – if I am at THE NATIONAL I am enjoying it and I have my phone only for pics …BUT, the only time I really had a meeting has been this Saturday at 10 am !!

We wrote before and we wanted to meet – so I hurried up after that Roargan Action to the PSA Booth, because I have been supposed to meet Chad aka lovehighndgolfbasketball there !!

Chad has a stunning collection of exactly everything that you can read in his username …just crazy.
So Roberts accompanied me to him …and Chad was waiting in line at PSA cause he wanted to get a card graded !
Luckily, I had some PSA grades that I did not understood …..Robert had also a issue with this card !!

So out of nowhere and discussion started and it was interesting!

He was in the PSA waiting line – but we still made a pic of us with our PSA card issues

Since he was waiting there and we just have been free- Chad and I agreed to look at our cards later and see what we can do with some of my cards – BUT I HAVE FAILED and wasn´t there!!
I am so sorry for that Chad ! Sad

We…Rob and I talked some things on the side and he showed me his incredible team usa pic with in person autographs !!

and he received a art print of my brother too !!

Well - PSA had that "make your own card" section which has been very well visited again!

I wanted to go All-In again with a own cool card ....
So I have made me a card alone…..

Al bundy style…..

Then Pipo and I asked if it would be possible if we could do another one together ! and the friendly lady at the front said: no problem !
So we made one together…..


I have been at PSA territory…..i did not saw him from the start, but I knew TODD was there too somewhere !
He saw us and he was happy we came around!
It has been kinda sooo cool, when Todd and Ryan (another PSA employee) asked me to have a card together with them.
It felt like a big honour to me to get a card together with them!
So we got together- they made a cool pic with me being in the middle …and they printed that card out !!!
Not once, but ... they printed it out 3 times .... and they called that card “Wolf Pack”!

How unreal is that !!!???
THEN everybody of us signed all 3 of them ...

then after the signings Todd took it back again to get them slabbed!

And here it is !!!

So cool that it has been posted by PSA too !!

Truly awesome and i highly appreciate everything that went down there !

By the way:
Daniele made him a card too….

And Helge of course too….

So it has been really like that, that one highlight followed another one ….just like that…without any breaks, just bam..bam…bam……..

So I went on, whn a guy came to me ! (I do not remember his name anymore)
He told me that JONATHAN LEE is looking for me !!

I knew he is there and I wanted to see him too – so he gave Jonathan a call and let him know where we are !
Jonathan is better known as imacreative ….i have receivd one of the biggest cards in my whole pc of him!
Back in 2006 I bought my 03-04 UD Exquisite Limited Logos Kobe Bryant “Top K Patch” /75 from him for 475$ …the price has ben kinda a little bit to overpriced but that patch was just stunning ….
In addition he included a used kobe Bryant yellow authentic jersey , size 48, which I still wear and appreciate and which I even was wearing at Kobe Bryants very last 60 point game in the staples center …THAT’S HOW MUCH I LIKE IT !
Anyways- I have never met him before and I always wanted to…now the time has arrived !

Jonathan lee

Nick came around too and they introduced themselves too

Nick is sooo loaded with sick mjs !!

So after that , I went straight on to go to the guys of card Hobby Official!

They had a Dennis Schröder Rc logoman /5 which I kinda needed and I told Malicious that I want it so I picked it up!!...
…and gave a print to him aswell ! Smile

By the way…now I own 3 out of 5

While chilling with dem boys

I thought about trading a little bit, so I gave them my box again. Its actually filled up with a nice assortment of cards and I made sure to take cards with me for every group of collectors …
Anyways- after checking some possibilities there has been a card I really really wanted!

I have picked up some cards for my pc in the last days on trades and unfortunately they liked them the most – but oh well…I told my guys already before that its ok to “lose” cards that you have just aquired to might have a shot at cards that you might like more.
Talked about THAT issue with Danielle after he has picked up that Logoman …so he has that, ok…but if there would be a card like a rare rc parallel or exquisite that never pops up then he would have a very interesting joker if he throws that logoman in ….well
We had a situation here…that they wanted:
My Ewing scripted swatches that I picked up 2 days ago from Marc

And my Garnett Exquisite auto, which I just have picked up last day

But bits all good to me…

Meanwhile Helge came around with a nice Panini Nowitzki Jersey

But we were still in the talks !

Still looking……

And in the end I ended up with this badboy !

It has some surface damages but I do not really care about that and still appreciate it so much !!

We run quick to that Blowout golden ticket lottery…I had my golden ticket ready…its been crowded ……but in the end we did not received the main win :-/

AFTER ALL THAT, I needed a break and went out…….who was there again?

Martinez !!

And he showed us incredible Jambalaya !!!! with that GRADE !!! Crazy !!!!

And of course he received like the last print I had left…Martinez is just the man !!

Inside again we went straight to the booth of : justin aka alabamaslamma….!

Right when we came in there was a big deal going on !!
That guy, cardboardjunkie…just pulled the trigger o obtain a BGS 9.5 gem mint Topps Chrome Refractor rc of justin and maaan, WHAT a card !
The cleanest I have ever seen so far !!

And by the way…he has a wilt too !!

Beckett Supercollectors of January 2007 (Kobe Bryant & Antoine Walker) &
Beckett Supercollectors of May 2010 (Antoine Walker)

instagram: croatiantwins


Kobe & Walker Collections / LONG TIME NOT UPDATED !
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Part 4

While doing a pic with that mascot ….

We came to a table…very small at the corner and a guy was sitting there !
The cards inside ere sick and we asked him how much is that …and that …he told us he doesn’t know it exactly since all of them belong to his son!!

So we waited some seconds and a young guy came around……. That young generation has some serious cards for sure and after a quick tim we noticed WE KNOW each other through Instagram!
That’s adam aka Rippscards !!!

And of course he has a wilt to match too “!!

Nice to have met you Adam!

So I have not been at Jameels Place until now so that’s gotta be my next stop!

That’s kinda the place to be – Shopmeelypops just opened a own shop in Florida and he is always so nice and welcomes everybody…. He is aiiight, but do you know his wife and better half Meredith??

Last year the welcomed me with a ice cold coke can!!
Chicago 2017

…this year…same story….and another one … Wink


His booth has been loaded again with everything!

Meely 23


And we did it again…quick and easy deal!! Always a pleasure to deal with you Jahmeel, your company is much appreciated !!

By the way- I ended up with this gem !!

Tmac bacl

I traded away my tmac logoman auto 1/11 and a nice 90s tmac masterpiece is back with me…that’s karma !!

Been with pipo all the time and that dude is spliffing like crazy- so AGAIN we need to go out !!!

After doing a break and thinking about everything…drinking my LEADER Coke that I ve just received of Meredith…..

I thought what to do now!
I still had all ways open….still have some big cards loaded…still have that cashflow I have received in the deal with Marc…I have almost did a deal with eric / buynicecards for his Wilt chamberlain incredible auto ….i had the chance to get me another one without any problems…I had the chance to gt me a nice Kobe for my pc (saw a lot) or something othr nice.
Well- I still had that SMR magazine by PSA in my head and I looked at all these tables and its been clear that there is a card that I would LOVE to own and now would be the possibility to do it!!!
Ok- again…I am NOT A BASEBALL guy but I like cards in general so some other cards might fetch my interest …..
I heard that Mike cance aka MC Sportscards has one of those cards I am looking for …and that guy, Evan Mathis of course too !

So I was about to go in when I noticed a PSA employe at the entrance….i connected with him for a quick chat! I was very proud to show him my triple signed"wolf pack" PSA card so he, Joe, showed me his PSA Cards too!

A true Pokemon fan and he made a card in a Pikachu outfit named Poke'Joe. Luckily he made that card Twice so i have been blessed to get a copy of those and to get it even signed!

Anyways…I went straight to MC-Sportscards table …we know each other from last year and I just said to him:

“I heard you got a Mantle????? “

I said something like that …and yeah…he pointed it to me and I knew THAT’S THE ONE !!!!

I still got cards..i got cash …so we just started talking about what we can do ….while talking my man Rob came around I wanted to let him now what I am about to do right now !
He liked it so I took him with me to take care of the whole situation!
I told Mike that he might block that card for like 10 minutes and I will be right back!
That has been like a bond movie…I did had a lot of cash flow with me and I gave it ALL to ROB
(I truuuust him !!!) – we were standing in the hallway and I asked him if he could count that bundle how much cash I have there ( I knew it approximately) but he counted and I gave that cash to him!
He has been my Bank in that case and kept my whole money…I was very nrvous and I had my crutches so I could take a little bit of help!
Well-he helped ! me A LOT!

I wanted to check with him if That’s is the right onw…there has been 2 Mantles at the show….2 mantles that got my interest..one belongs to Evan…one to Mike….So Robert mentioned a friend (grant ? )that knows everything about baseball and he is the guy to ask about anything baseball related !
Since I made pics of both cards , I copied both in one pic and I just showed him This picture right here :

I let him decide which one is the best one and he went straight with Mikes…..i really like if its like REALLY damaged…but I still needed an expert with me here…..

So Rob and I went back to Mike ….and I just confirmed our deal !!!
I told Rob to cash him out, since he was my Bank …and I gave him in addition like 4 cards and that 2015 Bowman baseball box which I have received by Blowouts Lottery …..

Well- it’s a wrap!!

Not giving out exact details what went down here- but THIS DEAL has been HUGE for me !!

Thank you so much Mike- awesome to trade with you! Just awesome !!
Also- big thanks toi Roargan, you have just participated in one of my coolest trades ever.

And here is what I am talking about!



I gotta give Gerald aka windycitysportcards for this one too !
Yup, you GERALD !!
Like some years ago- you have posted this pic on insta:
G mantle

…you joined the club??
I did not understand what this card is before I saw your post and looked it up….a guy like you celebrating a psa 1 ??
Maaaan- I wanted to be in that club too and here I am !!! Very Happy

By the way…like 3 months ago, a big grman newspaper, called BILD, wrote an article aboput THAT mantle that a psa 9 has been sold for over 3 millions…and the seller has been……

Evan mathis !!

It’s a very small world !

After that we were a group of some guys who enjoyed themselves…

We went straight to that food coprner to see what else we can do !

Our gang..

Topman99 aka Bob just picked up that shaq logoman from me ….

Then there has been that supr cool guy…kafafs 8name on Instagram)

He pulled out that MJ signed Cheque !!!

Then he pulled out THAT BADBOY …MJ Buyback Fleer rc auto /23 !!!!

Then topman pulled out that prizm black usa 10 graded, 1/ 1 !

Some guys joined our round and we did some trades- what are y´all names again? Smile

I did a nice deal with him to got me that MJ exquisite !

Soooo…roargan is still there…..Matt is still there …..like most of the guys are gone, since its been like 5 minutes before the end….even my german crew is gone since a longer time already …..so even they do not know of my mantle deal that I have just done !

Anyways- this right here has been so interesting to see…2 supercollectors looking and discussing cards and LUCKILY they found 1 refractor card which still has been missing !!!

And that’s it!!

After that all has been done …only Robert and me were left and we still had some things to be done

That kobe “Do you love me card” has only been signd at a sleeve so far, so I told him to sign it directly on that card …he still had alle types of pens with him

And why he was doing THAT, why do not sign his other cards too !!

Scripted swatches Andre Miller !!

And THE card

And call it a Rainbow !

And after THAT, we tried to get a deal done !
He really liked my tim Duncan-eddie jones 98 TSC co signers so it wasn’t very hard to find cards that match my taste of him!

I chosed those cards from him!!

Some mullin gold…some damon wood…

Delonte logoman and darius Flair Showcase 1/1s

Now add some cool autos to it ……

And it’s a wrap again !!!

I really enjoy trades like that – easy, without any issues- just do it !!

Its been late already…after 6 pm already, my guys were gone..shuttle to the Hotel is gone …but Robert was there and he told me to come with him, Ross, Dennis and Jose…and heeeell yeah- what a pleasure to be in the car with those guys !!

They have even put m on that shotgun seat and I did not even called it! – daaaaamn !!

So back at the Hotel, Daniele and Helge were already gone. John aka “Hollywood” invited us all to that Baseball game that night, but Pipo and I unfortunately passed on it …we agred to meet up with Martinez and Michael aka cardcollector291 later to have a nice last evening together! So Flip and I took a uber to get to Michaels A LOFT Hotel nearby and Martinez waited already outside with his drink for us…

I still have ben stunned by the mantle that I have just picked up….even though it’s a PSA 1…its iconic and it is the very first time that people congratulated me when thyey saw it with me – the feedback that I have received in just owning it has been crazy!
So..- Martinez, pipo and I were outside chilling and I just pulled out that mantle to show it to Martinez and suddenly there has been a lady that saw it and just asked: whoa…is that a mantle ???
We agreed- she went inside and a few seconds later another women came out with her and said:

We heard there is a Mantle out here !!

LIKE WHAT is going on – never saw reactions like that by womens on trading cards !
Anyways- we ended up with a pic of course.

Martinez has been on fire and fired up some drinks that were like pure Fire- he really did take card of us, he is from Honduras so he took that serious !!

Our group has been awesome..especially with Michael aka THE DR: J. collector and Kevin!
I had contact with Mike like all thj time at the show, such a cool guy and his Dr.J collection is beyond crazy – appreciated the fabulous company and the great talks !

..me still holding that Mantle…..

We really had a lot of fun in the evening ! really…there has been a guy at the bar who opened to talk with us with the words : “Y´all Mo$§”&%?=/(ers , have no clue of cards …blablabla” nobody know him but he started that talk…well, after a couple of hours we were hungry and the only option has been WENDYS – a uber drove us to WENDYS, but as we came in they said they are only serving cars now……ok, no problem….so w went into that car line by foot and wanted to order, but they declined !!!
The struggle has ben real for sure – then there has ben another car ordering food and Martinez stepped to him from the back of behind to his card window and asked him if that guy might could get us food …of course he declined !!!
Well- we finally called us a uber and told that uber driver to drive us into that wendys driving lane to get us food and he did…its ben a long night and I am glad that I have not eaten my burger to the end, because he really wasn’t that very okay Very Happy

Interesting fact – I had a step counter with me- and despite struggling and bouncing with my crutches, I made over 15 k steps alone on Saturday – that’s kinda a lot.

Sunday, 08/05/2018

I am literally done right now…the show has been awesome but I am tired…like really tired…even with my writing…that thing that you are reading right now. I can not tell you how much work I have put into that recap but its been A LOT !!
Its not perfect but I am writing like crazy and if there are mistakes…well…it is what it is…..
So the last day started and went to the show chilled out……its been sooo crowded on Saturday…like very crowded…and you could see the difference on sunday- there even have been some booths which were already empty

At first, Mike aka MC sportscards contacted me that night to come to his booth and I did it early in the morning !
He had a shirt of his for me and its sooo cool – thank you for this one Mike !!

And ryan aka RbiCru joined our pic too !!!

And Mike, I am already rocking it in Germany Smile

It has been very cool that chris aka action-jack-cardz and ryan aka cardcollector2 were both at Mikes booth too!
I am following cardcollector2 on insta and its awesome to see how active he is and what he moves – too bad I wasn’t able to come to your tradenight, but next time for sure !!!

Nat Turner had a own booth with some of his gems for showoff..well…without any words…

I still have been in talks with Michal about a potential trade and I just enjoyed cards like that ..

Joes, next to Ross´s table had some truly cool cards !!

Look !!!

Or what about a real full spider ! that’s not a card but you could get that in a box…that’s a 1/1

Well- the show came to an end for us …I got me a huge ice at the end …..

While Pipo did a last pic of some of my biggest pickups…

We were waiting outside for our shuttle, when I totally forgot something !
There has been one last item that I wanted / needed to get – no way I could miss that and I told myself that this gotta be the last card I am picking up in Cleveland and it workd out…….
So I went inside again- there has ben a gentleman who I talked before with …he had something that I really really liked and he even could tell me the story how he obtaind it…well, aftr that I wanted it even more…..
With that being said- easy one of my TOP 10 cards in my collection and one of the GOATS !
For me, as a Croatian, this is a HUGE one !!



Well…we went back to the Hotel…went Downtown a little bit …went to that sign…

And while about to board on the airplane, Daniele pulled out his Logoman again…


And isn’t it funny that he picked up a mantle psa 1 too without knowing that I picked up one for me ?? Very Happy

One article in that SMR magazine that influenced me for that Mantle has been this one .-….


Thank you sooooo much for your time !” I highly appreciate that you read this all and I hope you had fun reading it, seeing my point of view- and I am sorry that I am on very second picture here !!

Beckett Supercollectors of January 2007 (Kobe Bryant & Antoine Walker) &
Beckett Supercollectors of May 2010 (Antoine Walker)

instagram: croatiantwins


Kobe & Walker Collections / LONG TIME NOT UPDATED !
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can I be a mod too?

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 6:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for posting, this was amazing to read. I felt like I was there with y'all!

That spider 1/1 looks to be in PSA 1 condition!
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 5:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, what an awesome/amazing post bro! I appreciate the effort it took to share your experience! Really enjoyed reading everything and checking out the pictures. I just reactivated my account a few days ago lol - wasn't sure what I would find but it's very neat to see this. Your experience really highlights what I think is the best thing about the hobby, and that's the camaraderie between collectors - meeting, sharing life, having fun, and just connecting with good people. I saw my boy Reza in your post which was dope (!) and I spied a DRob auto in the Team USA poster (still my guy!). I recently read about Evan Mathis and here he comes up again - crazy that you got to meet him AND Lenny Wilkins. The "make your own cards" thing is so cool - I'd definitely do that and your slabbed Wolf Pack triple auto is the best! Sorry about the PSA 6, but heck, that Mickey Mantle pickup more than makes up for it, doesn't it?!! That is one legendary and historically significant card - nicely done! Enjoy it! -Ro
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Click Picture for Bucket
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you very much for posting another outstanding National recap, sir. Boy, I'm determined to make it there someday.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey man lot of respect for you taking the time to carefully log your experience at the national, thanks for sharing. That was an awesome read. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you.
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 2:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What a fantastic read! I am truly jealous and wish I had been there!
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 2:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Incredible/Epic post. Thanks for sharing. I might make my first National appearance in Chicago 2019. That's the plan.
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