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Rules on 24 hour trades/sales

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 7:48 pm    Post subject: Rules on 24 hour trades/sales Reply with quote

24 hour trades/sales/reverse trades, etc is something that has predominated HKs threads over the past few weeks. The staff has allowed these to go on to get a better handle on how these things run, whether the trades offer a new viable alternative way of trading on HK and to see what the potential problems are. After a few weeks of observation, the staff has come up with the following rules.

Rules on 24 hour trades:
1. A new subforum for 24 hour trades will be developed sometime in the near future.

2. Until such time, NO MORE 24 HOUR TRADES or any other form of 24 hour deals will be allowed. Current running 24 hour threads will be allowed to run to its conclusion.

3. The 24 hour offer should state clearly whether it is a trade, a sale, an offer to purchase with a set amount of money, etc. In order to keep things manageable and easy for everyone else to follow, a transaction has to be clearly of only one type. If it is a trade, it is a trade only for sportscards. If it is a sale, it will only be for $$. If it is an offer to purchase, the only things that can be purchased are sportscards in exchange for a set amount of $$ specified at the outset. Sportscards will be defined as cards that are generally accepted as material on these boards. For this purpose, MMA cards, benchwarmer cards, presidential cut autos, cards from TV shows and movies will be allowed. Anything else will not be allowed at this time. Therefore, there should be no offers of gift cards, gift certificates, other items such as video games etc in the threads.

4. ALL OFFERS SHOULD BE MADE CLEARLY IN THE THREADS. This means that all cards offered need to be shown in a clear scan or picture with any numbering clearly seen. No Ebay pictures or links will be allowed. Cards offered should be specific, i.e. comments like "please CMB" will not be allowed. Cards offered should be IN HAND and ready to ship, not incoming or yet to be acquired. Make offers that you are 100% certain of. Once offered, the cards are on the table and cannot be retracted until such time they are officially turned down. A particular card cannot be offered in multiple threads unless the person has duplicates of the said card. For this purpose the number and print run of any numbered card should be listed. Any alleged deals behind the scenes will be investigated to the full capability of HKs staff and any deal noted to change from the end of the 24 hour period to its completion will nullify the transaction.

5. 24 hour trades are meant to be a fun way to expand and further ones collection. If run poorly however, it can easily be a source of confusion, exasperation and undue friction. So before embarking on any 24 hour deal, please be sure what you are offering is something you are willing to let go EVEN AT A LOSS. HK prides itself in being a leader in the hobby by attempting to maintain the highest possible level of integrity. Once officially offered, please do not rescind your offer or offer the card/$$ to someone else UNTIL SUCH TIME YOUR OFFER HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY TURNED DOWN and you are relinquished from the responsibility.

6. Please try to schedule your 24 hour offer on a day you will be online not only during the start, but more importantly at fairly regular intervals during the offer and most definitely at the time the 24 hour period ends. Feel free to respond to any offer by listing in order of your preference the deals on the table. However, DO NOT REPEATEDLY BUMP THE THREAD just because there are not enough offers. In the interest of helping you get the most for your offer, HK will allow the thread to be bumped only once every 2 hours if there are no posts or offers. If the thread is bumped excessively and felt to be a hindrance or nuisance to the running of the site, it will be removed.

7. Please be respectful of any offers. We all value our cards differently and may peg a different amount in each card. As a person offering a card in a thread, you are only tasked to make the best choice of all offers. If there are offers that you feel are not up to par, please refrain from making any negative comments. It is easy enough to politely decline. As a person looking into the threads, if you don't like what is being offered, there is no need to leave any negative/critical comments in the thread. The HK staff will have no choice but to deal with such actions appropriately and these actions may result in a suspension or a ban.

8. There will no variations in the length of time for these offers. There cannot be any 13 hour or 48 hour offers. The only specified time allowed is 24 hours.

9. HKs staff reserves the right to remove or stop any 24 hour deal if there is any sign or hint of possible problems. This could range from, but not be limited to, scams, deals being arranged behind the scenes, offers that are not allowed being made, etc. It is the discretion of HK to stop any deal. While many in the thread might be unduly affected and be unhappy with such an occurrence, HKs staff will only do so IF there are signs that a member or several members will be adversely affected. In other words, HK will only do so for the protection of its members.

10. Infractions and violations of any of these rules will be treated as violations of the TOS and may, upon the discretion of the HK staff, result in sanctions ranging from a suspension of a week to an outright ban. So please be careful in your participation. Also, any member who is found to be in violation of these rules will be prohibited from joining any other 24 hour deal in the future whether it be initiating or participating in any thread.

11. In the few short weeks the 24 hour deals have been occurring, we have seen many ways/variations in which it can be run/handled. One thing that seems certain is despite having seen a good number of threads, HK will run into a situation or into circumstances that it has not met before. At that time, the rules might need to be altered to suit a particular unique situation. Under such circumstances or circumstances not covered in the current rules, the staff of HK reserves the right to decide on the issue in the manner that it feels will be best for HK.

We hope these rules will make clear how we would like to see the 24 hour deals run. The HK staff is all for the members getting the most out of their online HK experience. However the mandate of the staff is to make sure no one will be unduly taken advantage of or treated unfairly. Should there be any suggestions, please feel free to post them or get in touch with any staff.


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

dont really think you had to post this in any section other than basketball. it normally takes about 3 weeks to close out a trade on the football boards
trade site-http://s45.photobucket.com/albums/f96/cowboysrgr8/

cowboys site- http://s74.photobucket.com/albums/i266/aikmans/
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